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Now that working from home and telecommuting is
becoming a requirement in many parts of the world,
some may be wondering what to wear during their new work environment.
Take a look at these suggestions Kamakura Shirt has selected.

Alright, let’s do this! I’ve got caffeine and sugar…ready to focus!
Times like these, it’s good to have great tasting coffee to help me get motivated.
Oops, got to check these emails.

Our SPORT shirt – made from a soft material that loosely fits around your shoulders. What is great about the Oxford cloth is it is not as see-through as other fabrics, so you do not need to worry about wearing an undershirt. Instead of a jacket, try wearing a cotton knit cardigan on top.

Shirt (WIOR33_10) 89.00 USD
Cardigan (NM1024_29)

Oh, look at the time! I should probably do a little stretching to loosen my stiff shoulders. Good thing I’m wearing this knit shirt as it’s really stretchable.

Our knit shirt, which requires no ironing, has an incredibly soft texture. The shirt expands and contracts with your body movements, so you won’t feel any stress. With the current unfamiliar working situation, it’s important to have something “easy” to wear.


Video conferences. It’s all so different and strange having it through the screen. But you feel relieved to hear the voices and see the faces of your colleagues. Oh, no! Did the screen stop? Hello? Can you guys hear me?

Even during times like this, the Italian spread collars are a popular item! Why not try choosing a color pattern you’ve never tried? The collar spreads nicely so you can wear it with or without a tie. Rest assured that all the color patterns are chosen so they still maintain the qualities that are essential to dress shirts.

FRANCESE – Italian Spread Shirt (LKBH02_65) 89.00 USD

Taking a break is also important. Let’s take a breather and maybe cook something delicious. Let me just unbutton this top button of my Sciolto shirt, so I can enjoy this Italian collar.

Sciolto means “to set free” in Italian. A perfect shirt if you usually wear a tie to work but want something freeing and still look sophisticated. The one-piece collar and the light fabric creates an elegant neckline. Open one button, two buttons, or wear it with a tie, all up to you!


Put on that playlist for work! Check those emails on your smartphone while working on your computer. You’re really getting the hang of multitasking!

You probably have those days when you don’t feel like wearing a dress shirt. If that’s you right now, how about a putting together a T-shirt and a cotton sweater look? It’s a little more on the casual side, but definitely comfortable.

COTTON SWEATER (NM1025_29) 140.00 USD