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A brand new addition to our collaboration with Graham Marsh!
This corduroy shirt jacket is a perfect addition to your Autumn wardrobe.

“The clean lines and boxy aesthetic of this Kamakura Vintage Ivy corduroy over shirt pays respect to the 'bleu de travail' or French worker jacket.

It perfectly reflects the classic unstructured Ivy jacket and was recently made popular by the late, legendary New York street fashion photographer, bill Cunningham.

He originally wore the basic 'bleu de travail' for its practical design and roomy pockets and could be seen riding his bicycle day and night on the busy streets of New York, camera in hand.

This navy corduroy version, as well as being a practical addition to a working wardrobe adds a touch of luxury worn over a T-shirt or a Vintage Ivy shirt.” - Graham Marsh

Each jacket comes with a “Max the Cat” postcard!