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Have you ever felt a certain nostalgia, a certain warm affection for a particular shirt? In the present age where everything is to be efficient, most garments, including shirts, are mass-produced.
A neatly packaged shirt can be found anywhere in the world and once you’re bored with that one the solution is simple. You just find another. For those wearing fast fashion, this cycle is very fast.

These selvedge shirts go against the above.
We just want people to wear their favorite shirts for a long time.

Button-down collar, originating from the sport “polo”, is now part of everyday wear. The collar does not have an interlining so it feels softer than regular dress shirts.
The sport-style pocket is the perfect garnish to the casual look.

There are several antique shuttle looms still active in Japan. This is something that we are very grateful for. The shuttle loom can only weave 20 meters (20 yards) a day. The slowly woven fabric feels thick and heavy adding vintage flavor. The selvedge along the placket is sign of our appreciation for the past.

The red lined selvedge is placed on the inside of the placket.
The split yoke plays homage to bespoke tailoring. Using two pieces of fabric allows movement around the shoulders.

This old-fashioned button-down employs the “selvedge” edge behind the placket. No interlining for the collar, but gussets on both sides of the hem. Although there is a trend for the body length on men's clothing to become shorter, we’ve decided to go against this.
Each unique detail has taken inspiration from traditional clothing.

Gussets were used in the past to reinforce shirts so they don’t rip at the sides.