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When you put on your favorite shirt and leave the house,
the day becomes a little more special.
Since 1993 we have believed that clothing has the power to make people happy,
and that’s why we make shirts.
The joy you get from a carefully made shirt is simply incomparable
to a shirt you bought just because it was on sale.

There is great joy in being able to obtain
what you truly wanted.

“Creating products that customers want”
“Setting prices that customers can afford”

These two ideas are the key to why
we have kept our production in Japan.
By selecting and dealing directly with the most promising factories,
we are able to manage and maintain the highest levels of quality
while removing the costs of the middle-man.
Between the manufacturers and ourselves – the ones who sell the shirts –
we share the same dedication and passion in tailoring the highest quality clothing:
something that mass production often lacks.
So that every time you visit our store
there’s a perfect shirt waiting on the shelf for you.

Most people will check the price tag before making their final purchase.
A tag that says “20% OFF”, or even “50% OFF”,
becomes an extra factor to sway your decision.

Many clothing brands will take these price cuts into account
when they first set their sell price,
which means that the “retail” price can be up to
five times the cost of actual production.
The supposedly reduced “SALE” price merely reflects the true market price
after you consider production costs.
At Kamakura Shirts, we aim to set our selling price
at twice the cost of production (50% cost rate),
so that customers can shop with us with confidence and satisfaction;
so that prices don’t fluctuate depending on the season
and always match the cost of production.
And, most importantly, so that the factories
who make our wonderful shirts are paid fairly.

Low prices in themselves are meaningless.
Price is only worth considering in comparison to the quality offered.

There is a world of difference in buying what you wanted to buy,
and buying something just because it feels like a bargain.
When you buy something on sale you are limited not only by the price,
but also by a perceived time pressure.
It is understandable to act impulsively under these restrictions,
but such actions often come with regret.

You didn’t actually need what you bought.
What you bought wasn’t your first choice, but you settled for it.
And you often lack an attachment to purchases like that.

Our business model exists in the hope that
our customers will not have to feel that way.
Our products are practical, versatile,
and possess an undeniable charm.

Of course, no company wants their customers to feel regret.
The hope to provide happiness is universal.

Then, what should we do?
What must Kamakura Shirts do
to make as many people happy as possible
through the clothing we make?

“Continue selling high quality products at the right price”

That was our answer 25 years ago, and it remains our answer today.