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Wearing Pure "Made in Japan"
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This project isn’t about price wars, or mimicking what is already out there.
It is about creating the best from the best possible.

Having started down this road, we discovered everything we needed from all across Japan. We visited each region and encountered traditional techniques that were on the verge of fading away. We took the time to understand each technique, and connected one region to the next. After scrutinizing all of the raw cotton in the world, our choice was to use the fabled “Suvin Gold.” This material is then shaped carefully, painstakingly by craftsmen from across Japan. Spun in Okayama, woven in Hyogo, processed in Toyama, and finally sewn in Fukushima, a pure Japanese product is created through the formation of a unique Japanese supply chain. The techniques of the masters have created the ultimate “Made in Japan.”
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October:Participants selected (We will contact those who have been selected)
November:Production begins
December:Shirts ready to be picked up in store
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January:Final survey about the shirts
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*Application deadline: Sunday, October 30th (Japan Standard Time)
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