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TOP > Super 140's Extra Fine Merino
V-Neck sweaters in beautiful Autumnal colors.
Wear it casually or over a dress shirt.
Fine Merino wool is generally less than 19.5 microns in diameter. For this collection, we went even further with extra-fine “Super 140’s” wool, a 16.5 micron thread renowned as the finest in the world.
Unlike the 14 gauge wool commonly used for knitwear, 18 gauge ensures a silky smooth touch. Fine fibers are essential for high gauge knitwear, making 18 gauge and Super 140’s wool the perfect combination.
The most beautiful coloring demands the best quality fibers. Super 140’s gives knitwear an unmistakably vivid color.
The silky soft feel of 18 gauge Super 140’s wool against your skin is comparable to cashmere. This combination offers the most outstanding texture by any standard.