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By using world-renowned cotton-spinner icotoni di Albini’s thread, we have managed to create a beautiful knitted fabric in Wakayama, Japan.
The cotton used for the threads is the highest quality extra-long
staple Supima cotton, “Corcoran”, named after the area in California where it is produced.
For the most comfortable feel we’ve chosen 80 count single yarn and 32-gauge knitting.
The interlock knit method (known as “smooth fabric” in Japanese)
gives the shirt a unique shine and versatility. 。
The unique knitted material allows you to move around at ease when you’re on the go, keeping you dry and comfortable throughout the day.
We recommend that you wash your knit shirt at home using a mesh laundry bag instead of taking it to the dry cleaners.
Simply, wash and wear. You only need to iron your shirt lightly.