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The yarns used for the ICE TWIST fabric has been singed - a process used to remove and reduce protruding fiber-ends. This means that the final fabric is smoother, while allowing the twisted yarns to create a crisp dry feel against the skin. In addition, the final fabric is bio-processed to perfect the perfect summer knit shirt. It is often difficult to use thin thread like the 80 count 2 ply cotton used for our Ice Twist Knit Shirts, however, working closely with a leading factory in Japan. Whether business or casual, you can’t go wrong with our ICE TWIST Knit Shirts this summer!
We’d used this type of fabric for several years for our Casual line polo shirts (Cool Dry Polo) and it was unbelievably comfortable. This year, we’ve launched our business shirt collection using even finer thread and with an even dressier feel. Like the casual polo shirts that we make, I’m proud to say that we are probably one of the only brands able to produce such fine quality shirts in mass. Only a handful of expensive Italian brands use this kind of material. I’m delighted that we’ve been able to create something that can be appreciated by many, not the few.
The unique knitted material allows you to move around at ease when you’re on the go, keeping you dry and comfortable throughout the day.
We recommend that you wash your knit shirt at home using a mesh laundry bag instead of taking it to the dry cleaners.
Simply wash and wear. You only need to iron your shirt lightly.