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Ties made to the same exacting standards

We employ high quality fabrics with fastidious sewing techniques for our shirts. The same exacting standards are applied to our ties. These days, the majority of ties on the market are mass produced. We challenge this trend and are committed to hand sewn ties.

Our hand sewn ties are supple, yet hold their form; they offer a distinctive sense of artisan tailoring. During the painstaking sewing stage, the feed tension of the thread is adjusted depending on the fabric, providing these ties with a sophisticated finish that is unrivalled and unmistakable. There are hundreds of mills in the world that produce fabrics for ties, but only five of them are regarded as top-class. We have narrowed this exclusive shortlist down to just three where we are prepared to source the finest quality fabrics.

An elegant sheen and a subtle weight

A tie is the only part of a gentleman’s outfit that doesn’t have a clear function. Ties in this day and age exist solely for fashion. You can be bold with your choice of tie, and ensure the best first impression by choosing a tie of the highest quality.

One key point in selecting a tie is to check whether it is made from natural materials. Silk, wool, linen, and cotton all have a natural, beautiful sheen, whereas synthetic materials do not have the same rich depth of color. Natural fibers have the right weight, allowing the tie to swing and move elegantly with the movements of the body.

Another important quality in a good tie is that it is handmade. Ties made by hand have a discernable volume and sleekness that add to the satisfaction of wearing them. They can be distinguished from machine-sewn ties thanks to the loops of thread on the back known as a bar tack. This offers additional support and durability. The single loop that is just visible at the seam creates a reservoir of thread tension. This allows the tie to naturally fall back into shape when twisted or wrinkled.