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Made in Japan, yet affordable

The Japanese tailoring industry has one of the very highest levels of expertise and skill in the world, though sadly it has been in decline in recent years. To help counter this trend, we have chosen to work mostly with small independent factories that share our values.

We take great pride in managing the entire creative process, from design to production control, from sales to inventory management, here in Japan. This simple distribution method eliminates the middlemen, allowing us to offer top quality shirts at an affordable price. Through limited batch manufacturing and short delivery times, we can continually offer new styles across our stores, offering an extensive selection and a great shopping experience.

Despite being made in Japan, most of our dress shirts have
a price tag of just $79. Our handmade silk ties are just $69, and
bow ties are $49. We hope you enjoy our range of top quality
dress shirts and accessories.

Each stitch with the greatest care

Our passion lies in quality. All of our cotton is provided by the world’s top three cotton brands. Most of our fabrics have a minimum yarn count of 80, and some of our selected fabrics reach a yarn count of 300. While a rather lavish choice for a daily dress shirt, it brings the finest, softest touch to your skin. The luxurious fabrics are joined with superior single-needle seams and finished with genuine shell buttons. These shirts are, quite simply, the best quality shirts that money can buy.

It takes the skillful touch of a master to create the finest tailored shirt: a shirt with true presence and gravitas. Hear the mechanical clunk of each individual stitch as the master glides the finest cloth between the plates of his sewing machine. Each stitch placed to perfection, slow and steady, the craftsman places an indulgent 18 to 20 stitches per inch. This level of painstaking attention to detail allows us to create the finest shirts available: shirts that we take great pride in creating.