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“200/4 PLY”on the label refers to the thinness of the thread used for the fabric. This special thread is made by twisting four extra-fine yarns of 200 count threads. The delicate, high-density weave of this thread creates a one-of-a-kind fabric. The shirts take advantage of the excellent coloration properties of cotton, combined with the glossy silk-like texture created by using ultrafine yarn. The colors and patterns are all original designs for Kamakura Shirts.

In terms of yarn count, ‘300 count’ is one of the thinnest threads in the world. The material produced from 300 count cotton is sewn together by selected members of the Japanese tailoring industry. They say that when they first laid their hands on this fabric, they were lost for words at its beauty. There are only a few that have the skill to sew using this very delicate material. The creation of a 300 count shirt is said to be a true achievement not simply because of its fantastic quality, but due to the tremendous difficulty in handling this material.

They say the 300 count is difficult to create, but we have achieved the impossible: the 400 count. To create this fine 400 count thread, we needed extraordinary technologies and materials. The fabric is made with four twisted threads of 400 count yarn, woven little by little, ensuring the thread does not bend or sag. Delicate, ultrafine 400 count thread is hard to come by.

Among the cotton produced in over 90 countries around the world, a mere 8 percent has the honor of being called high-quality thread. Within this 8 percent, there is a premium cotton of high scarcity. With a gross cotton production of a shocking 0.003%, its existence in the world is largely unknown. Its name is "SUVIN GOLD”. Please feel the radiance and the touch of the cotton of fantasy we have long sought after.