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The ever popular popover is now available in chambray fabric, produced by the world-renowned Kaihara Denim of Japan.

Graham Marsh, a lover of jazz music and an Ivy League look enthusiast,
began working with us as Kamakura Shirts opened its store in New York.
Having seen the craftsmanship in our shirts,
Graham was keen to revive the Ivy spirit that other shirts are starting to lack.

About Graham Marsh

Graham Marsh is an art director, illustrator and author whose recent works include The Ivy Look, Hollywood And The Ivy Look, and an illustrated children’s book, Max and the Lost Note.
The handsome cat modeling on this page is Graham’s creation, ‘Max the Cat’

Each shirt comes with a postcard by Graham Marsh, illustrated with great respect to the peerless Hokusai (1760-1849), one of Japan's most famous artist.

Based in Fukuyama City, Hiroshima Prefecture, Kaihara Denim is a fabric manufacturer with a global presence.
The chambray color comes from rope dyeing.
In rope dyeing, dozens of cotton yarns are bundled together into a rope shape and gradually dyed with indigo dye from the surface inwards.
Through careful adjustment, the center of the thread bundle is left undyed to create a white core.
This creates the color fade effect in chambray and denim.

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