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“We have to make Japanese people more fashionable.”
Those words from Kensuke Ishizu, my mentor, were the beginning of everything.
He went on to say: “There are no business leaders in Japan who aren’t embarrassing. If this goes on, Japan will sink. Is there no one among my students willing to face this challenge?”
And so I replied. “Then I will start a shirt store.”
Following the words of Keiichi Sadasue - my father, who passed away 50 years ago - I vowed to go into business as a true merchant, with the dignity and pride of a samurai. My wife and I started a little store in Kamakura, Japan, with the hope that someday a Japanese name could become a world-famous brand.
25 years have passed since that day, and everything that we have achieved is due to the enormous support we have received along the way. I thank you all from the bottom of my heart.
We opened our first store on November 7th, 1993, above an ordinary convenience store. Our only visitors in those early days were my classmates and friends in the neighborhood.
It was a small store that only required us to sell three shirts a day to make rent. I remember going to the store every morning on my scooter.
From there, gradually we started opening new stores and hiring more staff. Now, in 2018, we are truly thankful to be able to celebrate the 25th anniversary of our brand. Kamakura Shirts was born in Kamakura, and Kamakura has guided us.
We will strive to continue creating high-quality, sophisticated shirts.