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When I worked at a design agency in Milan, I asked my Italian colleague, “Why do Italian people look so cool, so sexy?”
He answered me with confidence: Because they wear shirts.
That’s exactly right. Many Italians wear shirts.Businessmen, taxi drivers, mailmen - even the man at the pizza stand wears a shirt. And their shirts are unbelievably cool and sexy.
Looking back, my journey to the new “Napoli Dress Shirt” began with what he told me ten years ago: Because they wear shirts.
I looked for the best manufacturers in Italy by asking my Italian friends and colleagues I knew from my time studying there. I was told to go to Napoli, the mecca of shirts and Puglia, where many textile mills are located.
Making shirts in Italy was more difficult than I imagined.
It took time and effort; getting to Puglia where transport wasn’t very well connected was especially difficult.
There were also times where I would meet with renowned manufacturers, asked for samples, finally to find that the products were over budget. It was a disheartening process.
But I started researching again by visiting more manufacturers, and asked for samples over and over.
Two years passed before I finally found the perfect sartor in Napoli.
The president of the company told me,
“We get a substandard return on our shirts, since the apparel brands take an unfair profit…The shirts I make are sold for 250 Euros in Italy. How much would it be in your country, 300 Euros? That’s unacceptable.’
I shook his hand and told him that at Kamakura Shirts, we could sell his shirts for 130 Euros. At that price, we can sell more shirts. That would be better both for him and for our customers.
We discussed things like that every time we met up and talked about how we could change the market completely.
We were finally able to create these beautiful ‘made in Napoli’ dress shirts. It’s fascinating, somehow wearing the shirt makes me feel like a better man. There are a variety of techniques required to create these shirts that are only available in Italy. But don’t take my word for it when it comes to these stunning shirts - you’ll be convinced when you wear one yourself.
I expect that everyone you meet will want to know where you get your shirts from. Enjoy our Napoli Dress Shirts.