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Our fourth collaborative project with Graham Marsh,
the co-author of The Ivy Look!
Four brand new designs have been added to our Vintage Ivy Collection, which first began in 2013. All the essential details are there to replicate the 1960s Ivy Look.
About Graham Marsh
Graham Marsh is an art director, illustrator and author whose recent works include The Ivy Look, Hollywood And The Ivy Look, and an illustrated children’s book, Max and the Lost Note. The handsome cat modeling on this page is Graham’s creation, ‘Max the Cat’.
“For the fourth Vintage Ivy Collection Kamakura has produced a very fine half sleeve shirt in an exclusive regimental stripe cotton. No summer is complete without at least one of these classic shirts. In the 1960s the Southern Californian beaches of Newport, Santa Monica and Malibu were awash with surfers and surf culture but there were none cooler on the West Coast than The Beach Boys. They wore some very tasty Ivy shirts including a half sleeve, regimental stripe button-down similar to the vintage Ivy design that Kamakura have made. At the same time in Japan’s Shonan area, the beachside towns of Zushi, Hayama and Kamakura were the centres for home grown surfers known as ‘Shonan Boys’. Wear this shirt and feel the good vibrations.”
-Graham Marsh
“Like a convertible sports car, a white oxford cloth half sleeve button-downshirt looks cool as well as keeping you cool on long, hot, summer days. This shirt is a basic staple of the Ivy wardrobe and is a worthy addition to the Kamakura Vintage Ivy Collection.”
-Graham Marsh
“These days a stylish cotton, button-down shadow check shirt is as rare as hen’s teeth, however, Kamakura Shirts have succeeded in making an excellent one exclusively for this new Vintage Ivy collection. Writer, director, actor and comedian, Woody Allen wore a classic shadow check under his corduroy Ivy jacket in the movie, ‘Play it Again Sam’. Allen has always personified that New York, East Coast Ivy Look and without doubt his collection of shadow check shirts are second to none. This shirt is Kamakura Vintage Ivy at its best.”
-Graham Marsh
“A blue blazer stripe, oxford cloth button-down shirt is a solid old school classic. Back in the day, the yards of Harvard, Yale, Princeton and the other five Ivy League universities were populated with many students wearing this elegant shirt. Although it’s a favourite with Ivy traditionalists, unfortunately not many stores sell it today, that’s why Kamakura Shirts have included one in this fourth Vintage Ivy collection.”
-Graham Marsh
(This detail does not apply to the half-sleeve shirts.)
Each limited edition shirt comes with a specially designed postcard by Graham Marsh.
Collect four shirts to collect all four designs!