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Madison Suave

Get the basics right and you can't go wrong.
Even our standard dress shirts use high yarn count
100 % cotton fabric and natural shell buttons.
Enjoy shirts made in Japan for just $79.

The elegant shine of our knit fabric can be mistaken
for any other high quality dress shirt.
The unique knitted material allows you to
move around at ease when you’re on the go,
keeping you dry and comfortable throughout the day.
Through many years of experience, craftsmen have
mastered their arts to attain the title of Takumi (匠).
The final shirt is a true reflection of mastery,
bringing together beautiful European fabric and expert tailoring.
Once you have the basics sorted
and you feel hungry for something more,
slip into one of our 200/4ply shirts
and you’ll immediately feel the difference.
Each shirt is accessorized with mother of pearl buttons.
Master seamsters have put everything into
making these 300 Club shirts possible.
Though working with such high quality material
presents a significant challenge,
the creation of the 300 count shirt
ensures an incomparably silky touch.
A shirt worthy of respect.