Fabric of the highest quality
- produced by DAIICHI ORIMONO of Japan
“I want to create products that I can already picture customers being happy with.”
Chairman Yoshio Sadasue
The first time I heard their name was 2 years ago.
Apparently there is a company in Fukui, right here in Japan that receives orders from world famous haute couture brands.
This company specializes in high density woven fabrics that are unrivalled by others.
Their name is DAIICHI ORIMONO.
I couldn’t believe that a place like that was virtually right under our noses.

They are definitely one of the leading companies in Japan, having realized their ambition of spreading “Made in Japan to the world” in their specialized field of materials.
I researched their address to find that their Tokyo office was only a 15 minutes’ drive away.
A few of us got in a taxi to make a visit.

I remember that my heart beat with excitement for the first time in a while.
The two hours there just flew by as we looked at different materials and product samples.

There is a reason why high fashion brands choose DAIICHI ORIMONO every season.
The fabrics are always carefully planned in every single detail. Their lightness, softness, glossiness and functionality are feats that have been achieved as a result of special know-how that is unbeatable by others.

Since working with them, we have been retaught the spirit of craftsmanship.
Using DAIICHI ORIMONO’s innovative skills and the retailing network of Kamakura Shirts, we will continue to bring you products that could not have been made possible by ourselves. We hope that our products make our customers happy.