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Kamakura Shirts

Polo Shirt - ACTIVE

Button Down Pique


99.00 USD


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Size Guide

  • cm
  • inch (approx.)
Size Neck Body Length Yoke Sleeve Chest Waist
Small 37cm 66cm 42cm 82.5cm 100cm 97cm
Medium 39cm 68cm 44cm 84.5cm 106cm 103cm
Large 41cm 70cm 46cm 86.5cm 112cm 109cm
X-Large 43cm 72cm 48cm 88.5cm 118cm 115cm
Size Neck Body Length Yoke Sleeve Chest Waist
Small 14 1/2" 26" 16.5" 32.5" 39.4" 38.2"
Medium 15 1/3" 26.8" 17.3" 33.3" 41.7" 40.6"
Large 16" 27.6" 18.1" 34" 44" 42.9"
X-Large 17" 28.3" 18.9" 34.8" 46.5" 45.3"


Collar :
Button Down
Sleeve length :
Long Sleeve
Pocket :
Color :
Pattern :
Fabric :
Material :
58% Cotton, 27% Polyester, 15% Ramie Linen
Made in :

The Ultimate Polo Shirt
Achieved Only with the Skills of a Shirt Tailor

Subtropical and humid summer in Japan, telecommuting...

With the changes in climate and work styles, the required business wear is also changing.
It took three and a half years to commercialize this polo shirt, we take pride in having the ultimate polo shirt.
What we were most particular about was the "elegantly rising collar."
It is extremely difficult to achieve this collar with a polo shirt.
Unless the theory, pattern, interlining, and sewing all combine in a high dimension, this collar is unachievable.
By applying the same yoke as you will find on the backside of our shirts,
it adds another level of a business dress style.
The range of motion of the shoulders and arms has also been expanded, making it easy and comfortable to move.

It's normal but beautiful.
It's normal but elegant.
It's normal, but it doesn't exist anywhere else.
We are calling this new type of polo shirt "Active",
As it responds flexibly to any occasion and any scene
Please try it for the coming season.