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Button Down Oxford

PRODUCT ID : WJ0510_10

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Size Guide

  • cm
  • inch (approx.)
Size Collar Sleeve Yoke Chest Body Length
S 37 81 44 102 70
M 39 83 46 110 72
L 41 85 48 118 74
XL 43 87 50 126 76
* This refers to your actual body measurements

For the most comfortable fit, we recommend a shirt size that is 13 to 20 cm greater than your actual chest and waist measurements.
Size Collar Sleeve Yoke Chest Body Length
S 14.6" 31.9" 17.3" 40.2" 27.6"
M 15.4" 32.7" 18.1" 43.3" 28.3"
L 16.1" 33.5" 18.9" 46.5" 29.1"
XL 16.9" 34.3" 19.7" 49.6" 29.9"
* This refers to your actual body measurements

All our shirt patterns are created in centimeters and we round this measurement when converting to inches. Please treat this table as a rough indication of size.

For the most comfortable fit, we recommend a shirt size that is 5 to 8 inches greater than your actual chest and waist measurements.


Collar :
Button Down
Sleeve length :
Long Sleeve
Pocket :
Placket :
Front Placket
Color :
Pattern :
Fabric :
Material :
100% Cotton
Yarn Count :
40 Single Yarn Paralleled Yarn x 10 Single Yarn
Cuff :
Button Cuff
Made in :


What is COTTON 5.10?
Cotton Council International (CCI) celebrates “COTTON DAY Eon May 10th.
In appreciation of natural cotton and the passion of the producers, Kamakura Shirts will launch a special cotton item every year around May 10th.

Watch our video to find out more>

Shirts will be available US online and at the Madison Avenue Store, New York, at the end of May.
*Limited Quantity


About Recycled Cotton Oxford Shirts:
We use long staple, high-quality cotton "SUVIN GOLD" to produce ultrafine 400 count thread for our 400 count shirts. In order to spin this 400 count thread, 25% of the shorter fibers are removed. The Recycled Cotton Oxford Shirts "COTTON 5.10" has been produced using the 25% that would have been thrown away. The shirts use only the minimum amount of dye to keep the original texture and color of cotton.

These shirts signify a unique collaboration between luxury cotton and an eco-friendly purpose.

Commitment to sustainability:

Cotton is produced in 90 countries around the world. Only 8% can be called luxury cotton. Suvin Gold is the name given to the highest quality cotton from India. It is even rarer, at just 0.003% of the gross cotton production.

The cotton used for our Suvin Gold shirts are extra-long staple* suvin, carefully nurtured and hand-graded in South India. Since the cotton is handpicked, it reaches the Japanese cotton mill soft and undamaged. The title “Gold Eis only given to the first and second picking. Feel the radiance and touch that this illusory cotton promises. It is something we’ve been searching for years.

?*Extra-long staple cotton ⇁ECotton where fibers have a staple length of 3.5 cm or more. The longer the staple, the higher the grade of the cotton.

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Our new casual shirts are made to be worn untucked.
Using the pattern to our Manhattan Model Slim Fit we’ve adjusted the body length so that it’s the perfect shirt to be worn untucked.
Approximate neck size:
TOKYO SLIM FIT 37 - 38: Size S
TOKYO SLIM FIT 39 - 40: Size M
TOKYO SLIM FIT 41 - 42: Size L