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  • Button Down Broadcloth
    PRODUCT ID : IF0214_63

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Collar : Button Down
Sleeve length : Long Sleeve
Pocket : With
Placket : Front Placket
Color : Pink
Pattern : Check
Fabric : Broadcloth
Material : 100% Cotton
Yarn Count : 80(2Ply) x60Single Yarn
Cuff : Button Cuff
Made in : Japan


  • The Classic Fit


    For this fit, the sleeves and body are spacious. By keeping the size of the back panel, and bringing the side seams forward, we have incorporated the essential ideas of traditional British and American tailoring.


    The pocket has been placed slightly slanted on the shirt so that it will appear straight when worn. As an added Ivy Look detail, the stitch on the pocket is straight. (*Button-down shirts only.)


    To preserve a traditional look, the shirt has a wider front and sleeve placket. Compared to the Slim Fits, the stitches are wider, and the sleeve plackets employ double stitches. A true inspiration of the Ivy League Style.


    The curve of the sleeve has been tailored to match that of the jacket, which in turn means the cuff of the shirt sleeve and the jacket are parallel.



    Kamakura Shirts' Commitments

    We use 100% natural cotton fabrics. Most of our fabrics have a minimum of 80 cotton yarn count to ensure the most exquisite feel.


    Shell buttons are the hallmark of luxury shirts. Our natural shell buttons possess a unique sheen. They have a beautiful natural glow and are easy to button on and off, compared to the plastic buttons.


    The balance between the front and back sides, the inner winding form of the collar that wraps around the neck, and the swaying design that matches the natural arm position are based on the techniques of Japanese artisans.


    The best quality shirts will place an indulgent 18 stiches, while we go a step further with 21 stitches, attained by the culmination of experience and the result of outstanding needle work.