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  • Undershirt
  • PRODUCT ID : GIS001_32

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Sleeve length : Short Sleeve
Color : Beige
Pattern : Plain
Material : 55% Cotton, 35% Polyester
Made in : Japan

Cut-off ® (Gunze patented technology)
Water absorption, quick drying, and special deodorant processing

1. Sleeve Shape
The sleeves get narrower in order to reduce wobbling and discomfort.

2. V Line Design
In order to prevent the neck line from stretching, the seam is sewn on the inside.

3. Neckline matching the button position on the shirt
The neckline bottom position matches the position of the third button of a Kamakura Shirt.

4. Hem Cutting
The hem in the back uses a cutting technique that works together with the movements of the upper body to prevent it from climbing up.


  • Dress shirts were originally undergarments, thus it is a rule in the West to not wear undershirt under a dress shirt.
    At Kamakura Shirts, we take it as an obligation to follow the rules of international standards,
    but the hot and humid summers of Japan recently are impossible.

    For this reason, we accepted a challenge to develop a high-class undershirt that keeps shirts nice and clean even during the hottest and most humid days.
    This is not just an undershirt, but an undershirt designed by Kamakura Shirts, the dress shirt experts.
    Our experts have integrated all the knowledge of shirt making to crafting an undershirt pattern.

    The cutting around the neck is according to the button position of the shirt and the opening of the collar.
    Other things like durability, sleeves that reduce stress, adjustment of length, and addition of special deodorant process...
    There is over 30 things that were considered in making this special undershirt.

    One of the most particular things we considered was the color: beige and gray.
    We recommend beige with white shirts and gray with blue shirts:
    White & Beige to prevent transparency // Blue & Gray to prevent staining (e.g. sweating).

    As for the material, if it is cotton 100%, it will take too long to dry and too thick.
    We mixed polyester to get a lighter material and also the quick drying effect.
    In order to feel as though you are wearing the shirt on your bare skin, the collar, hem, and cuffs are all seamless.