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Delicate, ultrafine 400 count thread is hard to come by.
Spinning, weaving, processing, sewing…
Japanese factories and Kamakura Shirts
have worked together to produce a truly special product
that has been made entirely in Japan.

Our seamsters say that when they first laid their hands
on this fabric, they were lost for words at its beauty.
There are only a few that have the skill to sew using
this very delicate 300 count material.

We use extra-long staple cotton from
China’s Xinjiang region for our 200/4PLY shirts,
with a fiber length of 35 mm or more.
The delicate, high-density weave of this
thread creates a one-of-a-kind fabric.

Each stitch placed with the greatest care,
our standard dress shirts will still amaze
those with a discerning eye for quality.

The TRAVELER use wrinkle-resistant fabric so that
the shirts won’t leave you embarrassingly
wrinkled up even after a long journey.