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We take pride in creating shirts that bring bliss

The Ivy League style is in our soul. Japanese craftsmanship is at our heart. We have traveled a long way to arrive in New York City, the source of our inspiration.
After many years of dedication and determination, we have fulfilled our dream, opening our first store in New York City, the spiritual home of the 1960s Ivy League style that first inspired us.
Along the way, we have learnt so much from the finest traditions of British tailoring, and the quintessence of the Ivy League look from the States.
However, those days are now long gone, and we are now in an age where mass-production and standardization in the name of efficiency and productivity have almost destroyed the art of fine crafting. Shirt making has been no exception.
Actively resisting this trend, we have succeeded in crafting beautiful shirts with taste and elegance. Meticulous Japanese craftsmanship and techniques of precision make this possible.
We take pride in creating shirts that bring joy to life. We create shirts that satisfy the yearning for good taste. We craft each of our garments with the greatest care and the deepest sincerity.

Yoshio Sadasue
CEO, Kamakura Shirts

Kensuke Ishizu (right) and Yoshio Sadasue (left). At Maker's Shirt Kamakura's flagship store in Kamakura, 1996.

Kensuke Ishizu is a founder of the VAN Jacket clothing company (VAN Jacket Inc.). Yoshio and Tamiko Sadasue both worked for VAN Jacket, the company responsible for introducing American Ivy League fashion to Japan in the 1960s and 70s.
After seeing Sadasue's determination, Ishizu sent the following letter.
"My finest apprentices, Mr. and Mrs. Sadasue, have told me that they are to open a shirt store. Mr. Sadasue intends to shut himself away in a factory to make the shirts and Mrs. Sadasue will sell them to customers directly. This is truly the modern SPA(1). I would like to applaud them for endeavoring on such a difficult task. This is precisely the confidence and philosophy needed to establish a shop that felt special. I am sure that many people have been waiting for a store like Maker's Shirt Kamakura - most certainly."

(1)SPA = Specialty store retailer of Private label Apparel

In 1993, Yoshio Sadasue and his wife Tamiko quietly opened a small luxury shirt store in Kamakura, which was once the ancient capital of Japan. Driven by their mottos “Quality shirts at affordable prices” and “Bringing great style to the Japanese people”, they have strived to provide shirts of superior quality, made in Japan.

Since then, Kamakura Shirts has grown rapidly and the brand has become synonymous with the highest levels of quality at a fantastic price. We have been fortunate enough to accumulate a large number of loyal customers who recognize the special blend of quality and value. In 2012, staying true to our founding spirit, we opened the doors to our New York store. Now our next goal is to become a firm favorite with New Yorkers and customers all around the world.