A message from Kamakura Shirts

In terms of yarn count, '300 count' is the thinnest thread in the world. This is an achievement made possible by the culmination of the best quality luxury cotton and the finest modern technology. For its rarity, prices are often sky high. However, at Kamakura Shirts, we have made this miraculous material available at just $180.

The finest Xinjiang cotton seeds were selected to achieve the first 300 count thread in the history of textiles. Imagine the multi-hued shirts that danced mid-air in the movie, The Great Gatsby; that is the world that we wish to bring to you with our 300 CLUB collection.
CEO, Kamakura Shirts

What is 300 yarn count

The cotton used for our 300 CLUB collection is the world famous Xinjiang cotton. Grown in the beautiful mountains of Tian Shan, Xinjiang cotton is said to have the longest fibers for cotton. 'Yarn count' signifies the fineness of the thread used, and the higher the yarn count, the finer the thread becomes. When a thread is said to be '1 count, it is at a thinness where 1 g of cotton is able to produce 1.7 m of thread. '120 count signifies that 1 g of cotton has produced 204 m of thread. When the thread is '300 count, 1 g of cotton has been woven to produce approximately 510 m of thread. The finer the thread becomes, the greater the technique required to produce thread from raw cotton. The thread used for our 300 CLUB collection is quadruple ply 300 count Xinjiang cotton, which is said to have the longest staples (3.8 cm to 4.0 cm) amongst all cottons. The natural glossiness, the bounce and resilience to the fabric, the soft touch against the skin, all promise a very special shirt.