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  • Short Sleeve Knit Shirt - TRAVELER
  • Button Down Cotton Polyester
    PRODUCT ID : PJ2204_10

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Collar : Button Down
Sleeve length : Short Sleeve
Placket : Front Placket
Color : White
Pattern : Plain
Fabric : Cotton Polyester
Material : 50% Cotton, 50% Polyester
Made in : Japan


  • 1.New Detail
    The linings of the collars have been changed, giving it a sharp edge similar to our dress shirts.
    2.New Detail
    The button on the sleeve placket has been moved closer to the cuffs so that even if the button is loosened, the sleeves don't slide down.
    Our Manhattan Model has been designed to be effortlessly comfortable, whilst boasting a beautiful appearance. Under the guidance of a world-famous pattern-maker, many small adjustments have been made. In order to allow more flexibility in the chest and waist, the front panel has been made larger and the back panel smaller.
    Easy Care
    Our knit shirts do not require specific care. All you need to do is to place in a laundry net and wash at home. Hang to dry using a clothing hanger and the fabric will need almost no ironing when dry.
    Designed for Travel
    As the shirts are made using elastic knitted fabric, you will not notice creases usually found on a cotton dress shirt. Once you arrive at your destination, all you need to do is spray the shirt with some water and hang to dry. These knit shirts won't leave you embarrassingly wrinkled up even after a long journey.
    Highest Quality Fabrics
    Choosing nothing but the best, we have carefully selected knitters of the highest expertise in Japan. We have chosen the perfect fabric for each season with the right gauge and right thickness.
    The Essential Elements
    Most of our fabrics have a minimum of 80 cotton yarn count to ensure the most exquisite feel.
    The best quality shirts will place an indulgent 18 stiches, while we go a step further with 22 stitches, attained by the culmination of experience and the result of outstanding needle work.
    Shell buttons are the hallmark of luxury shirts. Our natural shell buttons possess a unique sheen.
    We use non-fusible interlining in order to achieve a natural-looking soft finish for collars, cuffs, and plackets.

Size Guide

  • cm
  • inch (approx.)
Label Size Body Length Yoke Sleeve Chest Neck
37(S) 72 42 21 102 37.5
39(M) 74 44 22 108 39.5
41(L) 76 46 23 114 41.5
43(XL) 78 48 24 120 43.5
45(XXL) 80 50 25 126 45.5
Label Size Body Length Yoke Sleeve Chest Neck
37(S) 28 1/3 16 1/2 8 1/3 40 15
39(M) 29 17 1/3 8 1/2 42 1/2 15 1/2
41(L) 30 18 9 45 16 1/3
43(XL) 31 19 9 1/2 47 17
45(XXL) 31 1/2 19 1/2 10 49 1/2 18