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  • Brief Bag
  • PRODUCT ID : HG0033_39

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Color : Brown
Material : Ultrasuede?, 【持ち手・底】
Made in : China

A synthetic material called Ultra Suede®, a bag collection of good accents with Brown's cowhide that was used everywhere. The matte texture of suede and calm feel makes it easy to fit any style and gives a calm impression. The brief bag that is most suitable for commuting does not get bulky and has sufficient capacity. It can be used 2 WAY with the attached shoulder belt or without.

※ What is Ultra Suede® High quality material made by Toray has invented microfiber. Beautiful delicate suede touch of coloring, woven with state-of-the-art technology and ultrafine fibers. Luxury feeling which does not get close even compared to genuine leather suede. It is also excellent in durability, Easy care that is less likely to cause wrinkles and shape collapse is the material’s characteristics. It is also widely used in interior decoration of luxury cars and in the fashion industry.