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  • Folding Bag
  • Calabrese
    PRODUCT ID : CBSB01_39

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Color : Brown
Made in : Italy

Italian • Naples long-established brand "Calabelze" items have arrived. Folding = It is a bag that can be folded and carried as its name in the sense of "folding". It is useful not only for business trips and travel but also for ordinary shopping. The metal fitting that keeps the folded state can also be used as a key hanger in the bag when it spreads out. Italian leather supple and supple, supple the Italian made canvas with good coloring. Elegant design unique to Calabelse matches coordination regardless of gender. *Calabrese was founded in Naples, Italy in 1924 by Mr. Eugenio Calabrese. Originally a famous brand with a necktie, but also handling bags and accessories, not only the thoughtful functionality, but also the design and Napoli feeling and their clean work gains attention every year at PITTI UOMO held in Milan.