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NAPOLI DRESS SHIRTS Spread/Broadcloth PRODUCT ID : BN90072337 140.00 USD




Collar: Spread
Color: Blue
Pattern: Stripe
Fabric: Broadcloth
Material: 100% Cotton
Made in: Italy
Pocket: Without
Cuff: Button Cuff
Placket: French Placket
Dress shirts made in Napoli with years of dedication and the finest technique
Hand-sewn Sleeves
Sleeves are stitched separately and the armholes rotated in a style known locally in Neapolitan as “Manica Spostata”. This hand-sewn technique lets the shirt fit more elegantly and gently around the shoulder.
Zampa di Gallina (“chicken feet” shirt buttons)
Luxurious, 4mm thick mother-of-pearl buttons with iconic “Zampa di Gallina” hand-stitching.
Original Gussets
Hand-sewn gussets with our Casualwear brand logo, Casual 134, show Neapolitan craftsmanship and great attention to detail.
Other Details
With gauntlet buttons. Without chest pocket.